Baker Beach Dusk Engagement Shoot and Marriage Proposal Photos – Mitesh and Gopali

May 31, 2018
Baker Beach

Mitesh surprised Gopali with a marriage proposal and engagement shoot at Baker Beach while they were visiting from Florida! He loved the dusk photos on my site and wanted to get some photos similar to them, which got me excited since most people prefer sunset time!

It was an unusually quiet afternoon at Baker Beach, which allowed them to have the entire beach seemingly all to themselves. Picking Baker Beach for its picturesque view of the Golden Gate Bridge, the area being relatively empty was just an extra bonus for the two. Confident in her response, Mitesh was telling me the proposal was simply for tradition as they had been together for many years and already anticipated their union. Because of their timing we were able to photograph both the sunset golden hour and the dusk time blue hour, which is my favorite time to shoot. During blue hour, I notice shapes more which drew my attention to the volleyball net I have seen many times but never photographed. Coincidently, Mitesh injured his knee playing volleyball, so I guess you could say it was meant to be photographed! 

They were in such high spirits, laughing and enjoying the moment, and were so fun and easy to work with. I love helping visiting couples bring home a small piece of San Francisco with them! Thank goodness we were blessed with an awesome sunset and clear skies for some killer blue hour photos 🙂

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