Baker Beach Foggy Covered Golden Gate Bridge Marriage Proposal ​- Michael and Kelly

May 20, 2017
Baker Beach

Michael surprised Kelly with a marriage proposal at Baker Beach the morning of their flight back home to Texas, hoping to capture the Golden Gate Bridge one last time to help commemorate their special vacation. Being from out of town, Michael wanted to ensure that Baker Beach was a suitable location for his marriage proposal so they actually visited the beach the day before, getting an uncovered view of the Golden Gate Bridge in the afternoon. Unfortunately, the fog was thick and heavy this morning, completely hiding the Golden Gate Bridge from view.  Undeterred because of the weather and lack of view, Michael continued as planned, getting down on one knee and popping the big question. From the looks of both their faces it really didn’t matter if the Bridge was in the shot or not, as Kelly was completely caught off guard and overcome with emotion for some awesome photos. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take the pretty Golden Gate Bridge in the background photo, but, more importantly, at least I was able to document the raw emotions from that morning.

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