Baker Beach Golden Gate Bridge Sunset Marriage Proposal Photos – Shawn and Candace

April 16, 2016
Baker Beach

Shawn held his marriage proposal to Candace at Baker Beach in San Francisco, wanting to surprise her with one of the most iconic structures in all the world – the Golden Gate Bridge – in the background. Being a Saturday in April during Spring Break, Baker Beach was naturally more busy at this time but fortunately, as Shawn and Candace continued walking towards the Bridge, he found the perfect spot that was more secluded with far less people in the background. As you can tell, Candace was completely caught by surprise as Shawn kept this secret proposal from her nicely throughout the day!

I always love seeing the natural reactions and Candace’s response was no exception as she covered her mouth in utter shock and awe and had a giant smile on her face the entire time! One of the other responses I get to capture is when they spot me and realize I’m actually there to specifically document the process – which normally causes wild laughter and pure joy…the best!

Taking advantage of their giddiness and joy, I asked them if they were interested in climbing the rocks to get a closer view of them with the Golden Gate Bridge and they happily obliged. While I have photographed this location and photo idea a few times so far, I definitely did not expect nor experience such a large splash of water hitting them as they stood on the rocks!It was definitely as equal a surprise for me as it was for them! But as the good sports they are, they totally laughed it off and went with the flow. As you can tell by their smiles and the glow on Candace’s face, it was obvious that nothing would spoil their mood, not even crashing waves!

After taking a few photos around the main portion of Baker Beach to commemorate this special occasion, I started walking up the hills opposite the water, in hopes of finding a new composition to take the small person in a big scene type photo. It was one of the first times I’ve done this but it is always fun to give Couples unexpected portrait ideas, and this curious photo allowed me to capture one of my favorite photos from the day – the last image. Hope you enjoy the images!

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