Baker Beach Marriage Proposal Photos – Michael and Amanda

May 5, 2018
Baker Beach

Michael flew in from San Diego to surprise Amanda with a marriage proposal at Baker Beach in San Francisco, waiting for her within a path of flowers. Amanda, tagging along with her friends to Baker Beach under the impression one of them wanted to update her LinkedIn photo there, was confused initially when she thought she recognized her sister in the distance, and then finally when she saw her boyfriend waiting for her with a huge smile.

Upon recognition of the two pieces, there was the obvious expectation of a proposal, but there is no way to anticipate your reaction, and Amanda’s response proved that Michael completely surprised her regardless! It was smiles, cheek to cheek for them both, as I think Michael was as relieved being able to propose, as Amanda was finally being proposed to. They were in such good spirits despite the cloudy day, which actually provided the ideal lighting for their portraits. Personally, I love the look of the clean white sky as it brings more attention to the couple. I was excited to do this shoot, because I had just received a new mirror, which I was very eager to experiment with this Couple. It provided one of my personal favorite shots of the two because of its unexpected and unique way of reflecting the image. I look forward to future photo shoots experimenting with this technique, striding to give my Couples unique and memorable images!

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