Baker Beach Marriage Proposal Photos – Raul and Carla

June 6, 2017
Baker Beach

Raul surprised Carla with a marriage proposal at Baker Beach on an overcast and foggy day in typical “summer weather” in San Francisco! Her response was one of the best I’ve ever seen, as it was evident she was completely surprised and overwhelmed with the vision of Raul down on his knee holding out a ring. It took a few moments for her to compose herself and catch her breath as she stood there frozen in joy, before eagerly exclaiming, “Yes!” 

​I loved that the two embraced each other for several breaths, ignoring the fact that I was clicking away only a few steps away, which is what I always tell my Clients to do. Marriage proposals, engagement shoots, weddings…they are not photoshoots, so just be in the moment, regardless of what is happening around you…and when I see a lull in the “action,” then I will break it up and take more intentionally directed photos. As you can tell from their sequence of photos below, the best proposal moments are the uninhibited emotions that follow after feeling the ring on the finger, when you are officially engaged!

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