Baker Beach Marriage Proposal Photos – Ted and Brittany

August 10, 2018
Baker Beach

Ted held his marriage proposal to Brittany at Baker Beach in San Francisco while visiting from Indiana. Ted wanted the picturesque Golden Gate Bridge backdrop for the proposal and ultimately decided on this location for its convenience and location. Brittany arrived the day before so he knew he wanted to propose and get it out of the way in the beginning to avoid worrying and stressing about it on their work trip. Working together in Duke, they were in town for a convention at the Moscone Center, and were more or less together 24/7, which made it slightly difficult discussing the plans beforehand…but we eventually connected and the plan was under way! 

Ted pulled off the marriage proposal, catching Brittany completely off guard as she was still carrying a back-pack and ready for a casual beach day! Tears and laughter ensued, as the two giddily caught up on his secretive plans as she questioned how he pulled it all off without her knowing. During the post proposal photoshoot, I gave them my usual direction to lighten the mood and Brittany exclaimed, “I’m completely out of my element!” to which made me wonder if photos are better when you are in your comfort zone or not?! Either way, I got the reaction I desired with their laughter and natural response. It’s not about the action…it’s about the reaction! 😀

​Congratulations Ted and Brittany on your engagement!

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