Baker Beach Marriage Proposal Photos – Tristian and Davida

April 12, 2017
Baker Beach

Tristian held his marriage proposal to Davida at the most popular location I shoot at – Baker Beach. Baker Beach has unparalleled views of the Bridge which serves as the perfect backdrop for the iconic San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge. By choosing an afternoon weekday, Tristian positioned himself to capture the beach relatively empty, bringing all the attention to the moment. Being a public space, it is almost impossible to avoid people in your photos as most times they are unwanted…especially for an intimate moment like a marriage proposal! But sometimes they help tell the story and improve the photo, such as when a dog walking couple admiringly stopped to witness the proposal with huge grins on their faces 🙂

Tristian proved his romantic prowess by having a box of flowers, somehow hidden the entire time, much to Davida’s surprise. These two were so enamored and caught up in the moment, they needed very little direction from me because they were all smiles, laughs and hugs, despite the crazy windy day! 

Their joy was absolutely infectious and you can tell they were definitely made for each other!

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