Baker Beach Overcast Day Marriage Proposal Photos – Matthew and Audrey

July 1, 2018
Baker Beach

Matthew chose Baker Beach for his marriage proposal to Audrey, wanting to capture the best view of the Golden Gate Bridge since they were visiting from Chicago on vacation. Fortunately for them, it was an overcast day which resulted in them having the beach more or less all to themselves. Unfortunately for them, the fog covered most of the bridge, with just the bottom half of the Bridge visible…which probably adds to the appeal of the city of San Francisco. After the proposal, Audrey hinted she had a feeling he would propose during this trip and jokingly questioned why Matthew chose to go to a beach on such a chilly day. Despite the foresight, one cannot imagine how you would react to seeing the love of your life on one knee and Audrey gave one of the biggest smiles I have ever seen. The moment was too big and important – whether expected or not – and she giddily jumped into his arms in response. It was a great start to their morning as they planned on spending the day sightseeing the City and had the entire day to let the news soak in and to enjoy their knew nicknames for each other as fiancee and fiancé.

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