Baker Beach San Francisco Marriage Proposal Photos – Lane and Nikki

August 22, 2017
Baker Beach

Lane chose Baker Beach for his marriage proposal to Nikki, wanting the most picturesque San Francisco photo possible, as they were visiting from Toronto, Canada, while on vacation. Nikki, being a couples and wedding photographer back home, obviously values photography so Lane knew he had to do this special occasion the right way by having it photographed! And what better way than to hire someone who has photographed over 120 marriage proposals to this point?! 😀

Being as they were picnicking at the beach an hour before the preplanned proposal time, Nikki was actually asleep when I arrived, which provided some entertainment for me watching Lane try to casually wake her up. Shortly after waking her up, Lane got down on his knee and proposed, probably making Nikki think she was dreaming! Her huge smiles proved that whether she thought she was dreaming or not, she was surprised and happy to answer, “Yes!”

It is always amusing to photograph other photographers since the stereotype is that photographers hate having their photos taken, despite taking photos of everyone else. Nikki fortunately was a natural in front of the camera and didn’t even look in my direction during the marriage proposal, fully being in the moment, which I prefer. I was more than happy to photograph her ideas as well, since I am sure she loves specific photos and poses that she suggests with her Clients.

​While already memorable because she is a photographer, a fun fact about Nikki is that once she changes her name after the wedding, her name will be Nikki Menage 🙂

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