Coit Tower Proposal

Aleks held his Coit Tower proposal to Sharyu high in the sky in San Francisco, bringing her to the top of this San Francisco landmark in order to have a picturesque view of the city while down on his knee. They were on their way to an art gallery, and Aleks thought it would be an ideal time to bring Sharyu to Coit Tower because they had talked about it previously and hoped to catch her off-guard. Having picked out the ring together, it was an inevitable moment that Alex would propose, but Sharyu did not know when or where. When asked if she had an idea that he would propose, Sharyu confessed that he was acting a little strange that day, but never thought anything of it 🙂

It was my first time going up Coit Tower and I can see why it is a popular tourist destination because it offers a unique three hundred and sixty degree panoramic view of San Francisco and the San Francisco Bay. Upon arriving at the top of the tower, I was actually surprised at how many people were there and was wondering how the proposal would work given the small area and about two dozen other people taking in the view. During the actual proposal when Aleks was on his knee, there was another sight-seer and she was so excited for them, and happily sent them the photos she took on her phone to help share in their joy. It was also amusing to see a couple of people intentionally walk out of my frame as they became aware of what was going on in front of them. This being said, don’t be afraid to choose this location for your marriage proposal because people will genuinely respect the moment! If you want other ideas, check out the best places to propose in San Francisco