Gargiulo Vineyards Proposal

April 21, 2018
Gargiulo Vineyards, Napa

Angel surprised Casey with a Gargiulo Vineyards proposal while on a wine tasting tour in Napa Valley, complete with a custom bottle of wine with the words, “Casey, will you take my hand?” inscribed on it. 

Angel and Casey enjoy wine excursions when they can, so Angel wanted to catch Casey by surprise during their seemingly normal wine tasting date that they have done many times before. This “plan” was a little different than my typical proposal as the tour director informed the two that they were updating their marketing content and that I was shooting photos and videos for them and to ignore me completely. Knowing I had this cover up in place, I freely roamed in plain view with my camera, which might have given the plan away since there was no one else within 100 yards of the two. Not to disrupt their time together, I stayed out of sight as best I could, but pretended to video the grounds whenever I noticed Casey looking in my direction.

After their first glass of wine was finished, Angel got down on his knee, held out the ring and Casey joyfully exclaimed, “Yes!” It was a very memorable proposal with Casey’s emotional response, equaled almost by Angel’s reaction as well. Upon inspecting their special bottle of wine, Casey gave me the always welcome “ugly happy face” when she realized the care and thought her new fiancé put into the whole ordeal.

Congratulations Angel and Casey!

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