Mori Point Marriage Proposal

Bryan held his Mori Point marriage proposal to Vanesa in Pacifica, hoping to capture the ocean view in the background. This was one of the more obvious marriage proposals that I have photographed since Vanesa had to walk a mile to Mori Point before she even saw Bryan at the top of the hill, having enough time for her to figure out what was going to happen. Leaving a note by the bed informing her a driver would pick her up and bring her to their special spot, the build up to the proposal was inevitable yet mysterious as that was all she was told. This being said, I didn’t have to hide so much as simply stand in position waiting until Bryan got down on his knee. Despite the expected Mori Point marriage proposal, Vanesa still expressed raw joy and surprise as one can never anticipate the feelings when you feel that ring sliding on to your finger!

Mori Point is a popular location for hiking, as it is a scenic route along the ocean, but also offers decent inclines getting to the top pf the point. Obviously, the top of the mountain provides breathtaking ocean views as well as panoramic views of the surrounding beach and neighboring golf course. I’m surprised I haven’t been here before, but am so lucky Bryan chose this location and introduced me to this wonderful view. Congratulations you guys!