Shakespeare Garden Marriage Proposal

Justin surprised Amy with a Shakespeare Garden marriage proposal in Golden Gate Park, wanting a quiet and pretty location for his engagement while they were visiting on vacation from Texas. Golden Gate Park offers many locations to choose from, and one cannot go wrong with a Shakespeare Garden proposal since it is relatively isolated and pretty – great combinations for a proposal!

I always love it when people visit from out of state and choose me to capture their special day. Many times, when couples visit on vacation, there is some expectation of a proposal…but as you can tell from these natural reactions…Justin pulled off the surprise perfectly! Being that Shakespeare Garden is a pretty location, it was unfortunate that a wedding party arrived literally right as Justin was about to propose. He was too nervous to fully even notice them, but as you can tell from the photos it didn’t make any difference!

It was a great time hanging out with these two and hearing their love story about how they met and how Justin planned the entire thing without Amy knowing. Not normally known for his planning skills, Justin proposing at the Garden proved that it was all worth the extra effort 😀