stow lake marriage proposal on a rainy day with a girl holding a black umbrella and covering her mouth in shock

Stow Lake Golden Gate Park Marriage Proposal – Jeremy and Marisa

March 19, 2016
Stow Lake, Golden Gate Park

Jeremy held his marriage proposal to Marisa at Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park on a rainy and overcast day, wanting to have a scenic backdrop for his big moment. Training to be a firefighter in Southern California, Jeremy had limited time to plan his surprise marriage proposal and knew one of the few times he could catch Marisa by surprise was on a seemingly random walk in the park while exploring San Francisco. 

Marisa had a great reaction to the surprise marriage proposal, and I always like shooting expressive people, as they make the photos more fun afterwards! Real and raw emotion – it’s a photographer’s dream scenario!

It was fun that a squirrel popped up in the beginning as it allowed me to pose as just a normal guy taking photos at the park. After the proposal, we walked around the water, stopping at the famous Stow Lake Waterfall and then hiking up to the top only to come across a heart carving on the bridge! As we finished up, I saw male and female ducks sitting atop the waterfall and thought it was a cute juxta position of their story. Congratulations Jeremy and Marisa and good luck with the fireman training!

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