Alamere Falls marriage proposal guy on his knee wearing a baseball cap while the girl is bent over excited

Alamere Falls Marriage Proposal

Ben surprised Hannah with an Alamere Falls marriage proposal, a 4.2 mile hike one way on a crisp December morning. This definitely marked the “hardest and longest” marriage proposal I have done so far (100+) with the hike, carrying my camera gear and a tripod to use for off camera flash.

It was an adventure looking for them because there was no cell reception for the majority of the hike, so I was a little worried the entire time, despite planning things ahead of time with Ben. I did have an idea of how long the hike would take, but without seeing him for 4+ miles, inevitably I did have some doubt whether I went the correct route or not (good thing I didn’t miss the turn!). Fortunately, there was a cliff over looking the beach, so I was able to spot him from a distance, just as he arrived…timing was just right after all! As soon as I arrived, Ben proposed and threw Hannah completely off, as shown in the fun photos below! He was also able to record it on video using a Go-Pro, which I always encourage for audio purposes… Hearing the words and the subsequent response to it is such an important element to the experience, and I feel everyone should have it done in addition to photography! Ben also carried a bottle of champagne to help celebrate the moment, so I suppose carrying my camera for the hike wasn’t so bad compared to a bottle of champagne hidden in your backpack! This Alamere Falls marriage proposal was definitely one for the ages with the distance, story, and people involved.