conservatory of flowers marriage proposal guy in yellow jacket on his knee in front of a girl with plants all around them

Conservatory of Flowers Marriage Proposal

Rich chose a Conservatory of Flowers proposal in Golden Gate Park, complete with a surprise picnic set up by Mary from Safeway Events. Rich was super diligent in his planning, wanting to make sure everything went according to plan and providing the prettiest backdrop for his love. I haven’t been inside the Conservatory of Flowers since I was a kid, so I was eager to explore the area and highlight the natural beauty of the plants inside. One thing I remember from my childhood was the circular design arch that served as the perfect backdrop for the proposal. It being a public place, there were a few people walking by (and taking photos!) right as Rich got down on his knee, but that didn’t stop or deter Catherine from expressing her shock and joy physically and verbally. I distinctly remember her cries of “Are you serious?” over and over as she could not help contain her emotions. Upon leaving this Conservatory of Flowers marriage proposal, she continued her verbal expressions when she realized her Aunt helped set up the décor and picnic, making it a joyous family affair.