City Hall Evening Rainy Day Marriage Proposal – Jeff and Sandy

July 16, 2016
San Francisco City Hall

Jeff planned his marriage proposal to Sandy in front of San Francisco City Hall, choosing this mid way point after their dinner on the way to the Orpheum Theater, where they were to watch a show. The days leading up to the proposal, the forecast predicted it to be wet, though I assured Jeff shooting in the rain was fine with me, as long as he was comfortable with it as well. Accepting and knowing that this specific evening would be the best time to catch her off guard, Jeff trusted the process and went with the flow. Shooting in rain is definitely not my preference, but I strictly remember this evening because of how much fun I had, despite having my head drenched with water! 🙂

Jeff completed this special surprise evening by having Sandy’s family and friends join us in the rain to congratulate her and officially welcome her into the family. Despite the cold and wet evening, Jeff, Sandy, and all their guests (including the kids!) were in high spirits the entire time, celebrating this long awaited formality. It was a very memorable night for everyone involved and I am pretty sure the wild weather for their marriage proposal only adds to this joyous occasion and helps accent the first chapter in their new life together. 

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