Domaine Carneros Winery Marriage Proposal Photos – Russell and Mary Catherine

September 5, 2015
Domaine Carneros Winery

Russell held his marriage proposal to Mary Catherine at Domaine Carneros Winery in Napa, reserving a special area of the winery in order to have an intimate and quiet date and to have their special moment reserved for themselves (and me!). It was pretty neat getting to the reserved area because you have to go past a locked gate, and it made us feel as if we were given special access. I’m sure Russell was repeatedly assuring Mary Catherine it was fine as they managed through this seemingly off limits area πŸ™‚

Needless to say, based on Mary Catherine’s wonderful expressions and reactions, she was caught completely off guard and had absolutely no idea what was coming. After all was said and done, I always like to ask if, in hindsight, some things were suspicious to them but she confessed she did not suspect a thing the entire trip! Well played, Russell! πŸ˜€

Most times when people want to photograph or propose at Domaine Carneros Winery, they choose to include its fountain which is located at the very front, but Russell wanted to make it unique and plan out his location under the guise of having a casual picnic. After the big surprise, the two shared a large bottle of champagne and walked around for a few photos in the vineyard, showing off the distinguishable facade of the building. Russell made the trip from Oklahoma memorable for all the right reasons, and they were both so excited to share the news with all their friends and family back home that they immediately started calling as soon as I left!

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