Sunrise Proposal

It was fitting that Aaron chose to have his Battery Spencer sunrise proposal since he and Chelsea are both early risers. After leading Chelsea on a scavenger hunt the previous hour to meaningful places in their relationship, the final clue led her to Battery Spencer, where Aaron was eagerly waiting with the Golden Gate Bridge covered in fog for a gorgeous backdrop. This sunrise proposal was actually published on, a website dedicated to all things related to marriage proposals, but also allow real couples to tell the marriage proposal story themselves! It is always so great giving my couples an opportunity to tell their story to thousands of readers, potentially giving others inspiration but also having something online for their future kids to read! They can tell their story from their memory, but what better way to know the full story than reading it in their own words right after it happens! 

Even though I am not a morning person, getting up for a sunrise proposal is worth it all the time for me, especially when I am greeted with the Golden Gate Bridge covered in fog, one of the coolest “only in San Francisco” type things one rarely sees. 
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