Fort Funston Same Sex Gay Marriage Proposal Photos – Craig and Bruce

July 14, 2018
Fort Funston

Craig held his same sex gay marriage proposal to Bruce at Fort Funston, choosing this location for its scenery overlooking the ocean. Craig, dressed up in a tuxedo to make this day extra special, wanted a secluded and scenic location so that these two could share this moment all by themselves uninterrupted. Bruce’s reactions were THE BEST in his instant recognition of what was about to happen once he laid eyes on Craig down the hill. Brought over by their friends, Bruce had no idea Craig would be staring up at him, dressed to the nines, ready to ask him the most important question of their relationship!

As the two gathered themselves and their emotions, Bruce suddenly looked down at the ring and noticed a funny inscription on the inside of the ring, reading “You Rock Forever.” Craig’s request of “Your Rock Forever” obviously was mistyped, and upon realization provided an uncontrollable laughter from everyone present. In Craig’s defense, he checked his email to double check his request and clarified that it was not his fault – he put the correct words! 😀

As Bruce said immediately,, “It is perfect!” and I couldn’t agree more.

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