Ghirardelli Square Evening Marriage Proposal Photos – Tyler and Paige

July 20, 2018
Ghirardelli Square

Tyler held his marriage proposal to Paige at Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco while visiting from Fresno on a mini getaway. It is a special place for them as they visited this same location on one of their very first dates, and he planned on recreating that date a bit on their very last date as boyfriend and girlfriend. Being from hot Fresno, they weren’t used to the cold temperatures when they first came here years ago, so Tyler bought, as he called it, an over-priced souvenir blanket to keep themselves warm. With this moment in mind, Tyler brought that same over-priced blanket for this cold evening and used it as his signal to me that he would be getting down on his knee shortly after. Though it was late in the evening well past sunset, the waterfront is a popular location for runners, providing a decent amount of lighting to get just enough focus in the darkness. Paige was absolutely shocked and giddily covered her mouth with excitement, giving some nice reactions to witness, as passer-byes gave their congratulations as they whisked by. 

Strolling around Ghirardelli Square at night is pretty magical as the bright lights and aroma of chocolate draw you in and remind me of the charm and appeal of this world famous Square. No trip to this part of the city isn’t complete without taking photos of the iconic lights spelling out Ghirardelli, so we made certain to commemorate this day with some photos of this backdrop. And no trip to Ghirardelli Square is complete without trying their chocolate and ice cream, which Tyler and Paige happily capped off their evening with to celebrate their new term relationship together.

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