Lafayette Park Proposal

Shawn held his Lafayette Park proposal to Afsheen for its personal significance in their relationship, as they have spent countless hours getting to know each other on the very same bench shown in the photos. Of course, it was important for him to include this location in his proposal photos as well as the view…so he made sure he positioned himself on the second level. Unfortunately, his nerves got the best of him and he apparently forgot to turn his back toward me, as we discussed a few days prior (as I always do), but that’s OK – the reactions close up as I ran down to greet them are pretty epic 🙂

It is always my advice to choose a location that is meaningful to you for your marriage proposal as opposed to an area that is photogenic. The location adds to the story of your marriage proposal and relationship. I would argue every couple has some place that has significant meaning – whether it is the first date location, or the first place they said “I love you.” And if you are visiting from out of town then definitely go for typical San Francisco landmarks to help commemorate your big day!

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