pier 7 evening marriage proposal with a guy on his knee proposing to a girl wearing a red beanie and black jacket

Pier 7 Evening Marriage Proposal Photos – Jonathan and Cathy

December 27, 2018
Pier 7

Jonathan held his marriage proposal to Cathy at Pier 7 while they were visiting home for the Christmas holidays from Hong Kong. This was technically Johnathan’s third marriage proposal, as the first time he proposed, he didn’t have a ring so it was more of a promise. The second time, she didn’t accept his proposal because she felt his proposal wasn’t romantic enough. I guess, as the saying goes, “The third time’s a charm!” Interestingly enough or perhaps expectingly enough, Cathy saw this marriage proposal coming from a mile away. While they were staying at a nearby hotel from the Embarcadero, Cathy was wondering why they made a stop at this Pier and ended up walking to the end of it so late at night on a cold winter evening (it was around 11PM!) and after watching a movie thirty minutes away.

I distinctly remember sitting on a bench as the two were walking up in my direction and noticing Cathy staring right at me,  already seeing what was about to happen. Despite all this, her reaction proved that you never know how you will react when you see the love of your life down one knee, even if it was expected.

It was a great moment to share with them for their official marriage proposal and I wish them the very best!

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