Lovers Lane Marriage Proposal Photos – Josh and Rachel

December 16, 2017
Lovers Lane

Josh led Rachel to Lovers Lane in the Presidio of San Francisco for his marriage proposal with the intention of showing her an art installation there. Having met in college and moving to the west coast from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, Josh knew Rachel had never been to this specific area of the Presidio and knew he could take her by surprise, despite her claim that she would 100% know when he would propose 🙂

Lovers Lane for an engagement shoot or marriage proposal is a popular location because it is hidden from obvious road and foot traffic, and the picturesque row of trees with sunlight beaming through is like something from a movie. Being a short walk from any real street parking, it is mostly known to locals or people intentionally going there to walk along its snake lined tree trunks that make it so popular to shoot around.

Fortunately, only a small group of people were present in the distance and the couple seemingly had the entire place to themselves. Josh asked Rachel to close her eyes for 10 seconds, got down on his knee, and popped the question. Rachel definitely had one of the best reactions I’ve photographed for a marriage proposal, even dropping down on her own in shock – further in disbelief when she caught sight of my camera pointed right at her priceless reaction.

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