Baker Beach Marriage Proposal Photographer + IG Dog @SpottedHumphrey – ​Pat and Claire

October 26, 2019
Baker Beach

Pat chose Baker Beach for his San Francisco surprise marriage proposal to Claire, wanting to showcase the Golden Gate Bridge in the new city they call home. But this was not a typical surprise marriage proposal because he layered surprise after surprise for this momentous occasion! Reaching out to one of Claire’s favorite IG account – Spotted Humphrey, Pat was able to use the adorable dog to act as ring bearer! Claire recognized him immediately, and upon realizing what was going on, gasped with her hands covering her mouth in shock 😀

Spotted Humphrey is the Instagram account of San Francisco’s most famous french bulldog, showcasing his adorable tendencies along with is his sister, Pota. Apparently, Claire is infatuated with this adorable dog, and gushes over every single post on Instagram of the furry siblings. Pat, being the ever attentive boyfriend, thought it would be the cutest surprise ever, and he definitely was correct! Truth be told, I also followed Spotted Humphrey on IG even before Pat contacted me (San Francisco cute dogs – yes please!), so I was also excited about the special encounter with this celebrity dog 🙂

In addition to having Humphrey act as ring bearer, Pat further caught Claire off guard by inviting both their families from out of state to join in the special day! The double surprise for this Baker Beach marriage proposal was just a simple way of showing how much Pat adores his fiance and just goes to show how personalized marriage proposals can be. Congratulations Pat and Claire and thanks Sunny and Guy for bringing Humphrey (and a sick Pota – get well soon!) along for the surprise!

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