Ocean Marriage Proposal

May 22, 2018
Lands End

Matt surprised Nicole with an ocean marriage proposal at Lands End Labyrinth, knowing his Florida-born girlfriend loves the ocean and would appreciate the scenery by the water despite the cold and foggy morning. Despite not being from the area, Matt was able to change the location like a local since his original idea of proposing at another Land’s End overlook was literally closed off because of dangerous cliffs. Arriving at the location before him, I passed his Google pin drop a couple of times, looking for the turn only to walk by them on the way back because he too was getting lost. Calling an audible, Matt quickly decided on the Land’s End Labyrinth which at the end of the day probably turned out for the best. Having the area all to themselves, it was the perfect start to their morning! Proposing in the morning allowed them to casually continue on their morning hike, which I’m sure was full of questions from the newly engaged couple 🙂

A short walk down from the Labyrinth is a small rocky beach where four other people were enjoying that morning. Wanting to block them out of view, I happily reflected them out to surround Matt and Nicole with the ocean. I always bring a tripod with me to use flash regardless of weather and love back lighting my couples, either putting them in silhouettes or simply to bring more focus to them. In a busy scene like a rocky beach with muted colors, bringing them more attention is always a good idea!

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