Boat Proposal

Anish held his boat proposal to Poonam while on a sunset boat cruise on the San Francisco Bay. Anish coordinated with the company, San Francisco Sailing Co, asking for their suggestion when to propose to get the best view and most steady waves. The Captain suggested they stop under the Golden Gate Bridge, but unfortunately, it was a foggy afternoon around the Bridge and was unsafe, so instead settled on the sunny and calm waters closer to Sausalito. It was literally night and day as one minute we were stuck in fog and the next minute embraced by the sun. As evidenced by the water stains on Anish’s jacket, it was a wet and wild few minutes getting to the sunny side, culminating in Anish getting down on his knee to ask the most important question of his life. Tying in one of their first dates they had on a boat, Anish chose this excursion for one of the most unique proposals I have ever experienced.

Not settling on just a surprise marriage proposal on a boat, Anish further surprised his fiancé with over 30 friends and family hiding in the dark at Ghirardelli Square to yell “Surprise!” as they approached. They all came to celebrate the newly engaged couple, complete with dessert and champagne to toast their new union. And once they finished up the desserts, they headed to Ghirardelli Square to cap off the night with more drinks and merriment. Well played, Anish…well played! 😀

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