Hilton Hotel Cityscape Lounge Evening Marriage Proposal Photos – Sidd and Komal

March 23, 2018
Cityscape Lounge

Sidd had his marriage proposal to Komal at the Cityscape Lounge atop the Hilton San Francisco Union Square Hotel, surprising her with a bottle with the words “will you marry me?” with the backdrop of the City in the background. He chose this location for the view and the opportunity to really coordinate with the staff and some friends to make this evening truly memorable.

​This was the first time visiting the CityScape Lounge but upon entering and viewing the panoramic view, it is no wonder Sidd chose this vantage point for his marriage proposal. Wanting to get down on his knee for a romantic sunset proposal, things were a little delayed as they were taking longer to get to the hotel than anticipated, resulting in an evening proposal instead. Although the view was not as visible and bright as planned, Komal’s response was the perfect reaction regardless of time or visibility as her tears and gasps of surprise were infectious and received. Congratulations from the other customers present. Sidd customized a bottle of champagne to help say the words he needed to say since he knew he would be pretty speechless but at the same time wanted to make this marriage proposal unique. The beauty of proposing at a hotel is we were given free reign to shoot inside the building and Sidd took advantage of the time to scout their banquet hall for possible future use for their wedding. We were lucky that a conference just ended and had leftover lighting, laying around for some fun creative lighting. Using this time to delay Komal, Sidd concluded the evening surprised by having a dozen of Komal’s friends surprise her at the Cityscape Lounge for the final celebration.

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