CSU East Bay College School Marriage Proposal Photos – Nick and Megan

April 13, 2019
CSU East Bay

Nick held his marriage proposal at Cal State University (CSU) East Bay to his longtime girlfriend, Megan, wanting to propose at the very first place they met. I always love it when Couples choose locations based on history and meaningful memories as opposed to a location because of aesthetics, since even the most basic images will have more meaning to them in the future. Nick mentioned the actual proposal location would overlook the City, and when I arrived I was impressed with the 360 degree view of the City on one side and the University on the other side. It was definitely a great place to propose!

In photographing the proposal, it was obvious that Megan was completely taken off guard and her natural reactions and expression proved that Nick’s planning was thoughtful and secretive throughout. While I did not stay to observe it, another surprise later in the day with Megan’s family and friends would be waiting for them at Drake’s Brewery in San Leandro, since Nick knew how important her family is to her and wanted to have them there for the big day as well.

This is the third school campus I have photographed at (see a Santa Clara University marriage proposal and a UC Berkeley marriage proposal) and it is always a treat for me since they are all unique and slightly different from what I’m used to. Obviously, there is more structure and architecture on campuses so I always ask if there are any meaningful areas or buildings that Couples want to capture in their images. Photographing on school campuses and documenting meaningful buildings is the best way to tell your story and I love that I was there to help document Nick’s and Megan’s!

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