Battery Mendell Proposal

April 25, 2018
Battery Mendell

Jeremy held a Battery Mendell proposal to Katie, a fort nestled in the Marin Headlands with some great panoramic views of the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco Bay. Jeremy chose this location because of its view, but also because it was a short drive away from their hotel and an easy starting point to their morning hike. Using this location as their starting point, Jeremy wisely chose to propose in the morning, possibly avoiding a weary and sweaty face, while also avoiding any possible discovery of the ring. With elaborate planning ahead of time, Jeremy knew the exact location to propose to get the best Golden Gate Bridge view as he was diligent in his preparation.

It had been years since I last visited but upon arrival I fondly remembered the vibrancy of the green walls and I was instantly attracted to them. I am attracted to shapes and lines and try to incorporate them into my photography, and fortunately Battery Mendell was the perfect setting with its triangles and squares, and circular shapes (if you look closely!) 

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