Fairmont San Francisco SF Hotel Winter Marriage Proposal Photos – James and Joyce

November 18, 2016
Fairmont SF Hotel

James held his marriage proposal to Joyce at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco on a gorgeous sunny and calm winter day. James’s father actually works at the Fairmont Hotel, so he was able to give special closed off access to the garden, providing a scenic and isolated setting for his son’s marriage proposal. Joyce was the perfect emotive subject, giving some unfiltered and raw emotions, providing me with one of the most memorable reactions I’ve ever witnessed! It was entertaining photographing her response when she suddenly noticed me taking their photos, which provided a nice embarrassed smile to compliment the tears rolling down her face. 

Unlike most proposal gigs, this was a short and sweet session with James only needing me for a few minutes to simply capture the proposal alone. Generally, I schedule a 30 minute session to allow for some post proposal photos, as the area you propose in should get some love as well! But James preferred a simple affair (I think he had dinner plans they had to get to as well) and within moments of proposing, James’s parents appeared with flowers in hand to help celebrate and congratulate the new couple. 

The Fairmont Hotel is always a popular choice for proposals because of its beautiful scenery in the lobby as well as serene garden outside. Not everyone has special hookups to this venue, but when you do it is best to take advantage of it!