New Years Eve Proposal

Jon held his New Years Eve proposal to Lan on a Roaring 20s themed boat cruise on the San Francisco Bay. It was one of the most exciting marriage proposals I’ve done for the fact that it was on a boat and that there were fireworks during the proposal! I mean…who doesn’t love fireworks?! πŸ˜€ Something about fireworks and rainbows are really exciting, no?! Unfortunately, the majority of the trip, Lan was not feeling good from motion sickness. I was hoping to document them enjoying the evening before the actual proposal but Lan’s head was literally in her arms at the table up until midnight, where she mustered enough energy to go to the top deck to watch the fireworks show. Being the last ones on the deck for the show, we had limited space to move around, and Jon ended up proposing while he was kneeling in the stairwell! Unfortunately, his unexpected angle was not ideal to show Lan’s face for the proposal, but I quickly turned to show a profile view of them both, to get a little glimpse of her candid response. There were actually two other Couples that were proposed to on the same boat, but Jon was the only one who was smart enough to hire a photographer πŸ™‚

As you can see, once the fireworks and New Years Eve proposal occurred, Lan’s mood and sickness immediately went away as she was overcome with so much emotion and shock. We were fortunate that the staff allowed us to recreate the proposal (at their request) as the last ones on the boat in order to get the clean shot that they preferred. It was the perfect ending to the year for all of us and the best way for me to kick off 2019! Congratulations Jon and Lan on this roaring celebration!

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