Paragliding Proposal

Will held his paragliding proposal to Ana at Ed Levin County Park in Milpitas, hoping to catch her off guard while they reenacted their first date going paragliding! Former coworkers, Will jokingly suggested they go paragliding at work randomly, which would have been the first time for either of them, and Ana excitedly agreed to go with him! Thinking it was just another date that Will thoughtfully planned, Ana had no idea leading up to the proposal and literally did not even pay attention to Will as he was down on his knee in the landing zone! Not the most experienced at paragliding and not wanting to crash land, Ana was more focused on not landing on the resident cows as she approached the landing zone! It was an amusing thirty seconds shooting over Will’s shoulder as Ana slowly made her way down to the landing zone and immediately turned around to gather her chute, ignoring him as she hit the ground. If only there was a video of the “awkward” paragliding proposal of Will down on his knee for an extended amount of time while Ana was completely oblivious haha. Eventually, she walked up to her soon to be fiancee with a huge smile on her face and said “Yes!”

I have done close to 200 marriage proposals at this point and this has got to be, for myself, one of the more anticipated marriage proposals I have had and experienced. Not knowing anything about paragliding, I didn’t even know the difference between paragliding and hang-gliding! I love being able to experience new cultures through my wedding photography and being able to photograph new and unique experiences is one of the best parts of being a San Francisco proposal photographer. It was so fun thinking of ways to incorporate the paragliding gear in the photographs and even more fun being able to photograph them on the ground as other para gliders were landing in the background. Congratulations Will and Ana on the engagement and looking forward to see you guys paraglide down from the sky to your wedding ceremony! 😀

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