Golden Gate Bridge Marriage Proposal Photos – Jim and Jenni

June 13, 2012
Golden Gate Bridge, Fort Point

Jim planned his marriage proposal to Jenni on the Golden Gate Bridge while they were taking a break from their bike ride from one end to another. While visiting from Detroit, Michigan, Jim wanted to catch Jenni by surprise in the most unexpected way, but also in the most dramatic way possible, combining the iconic San Francisco attraction with a flyby banner high in the sky. Unfortunately, approaching fog prohibited the plane from flying as close to the Golden Gate Bridge as originally planned, so Jim’s misdirection towards the sky was somewhat thwarted, although the moment was not. 

This was my very first marriage proposal, and featured a very nervous Jim who actually hired two photographers for his special occasion. He requested I focus on his face, while the other photographer focused on her face. He definitely went all out for his lovely bride to be, proving that romance is not dead 🙂

Despite the temporary setback, Jenni’s joy and surprise was as energetic as expected and the entire proposal went off without a hitch. After the occasion, they continued on their bike ride across the Golden Gate Bridge to conclude their afternoon trip with a nice lunch in Sausalito, allowing Jim to explain his entire romantic gesture to his future Bride.

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