Baker Beach Marriage Proposal Photos – Steven and Anna

August 15, 2018
Baker Beach

Steven held his marriage proposal to Anna at Baker Beach San Francisco, wanting to fulfill Anna’s ideal setting with the Golden Gate Bridge. As they have had a long distance relationship, where Anna living in Australia and Steven here, he wanted to make this recent trip to the States a little more special and intentionally tried to throw her off the marriage proposal scent by taking her to romantic getaways in Napa and Sacramento, where he knew she would expect him to propose. And on the second to the last day to her trip to California, he finally proposed!

I always discuss with the Client their plans for the proposal beforehand, hoping to make the shoot as efficient as possible, and Steven was one of the most eager guys I have worked with! He wanted to discuss a month ahead of time, and I mentioned to him that we should reconnect within a week of the proposal day so that he would not forget anything we had discussed. Despite all that I recommended to him, he forgot a few things out of nervousness! I guess thats what happens when you are proposing to the love of your life, eh?! 😀

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