Inglenook Winery Napa Marriage Proposal Photos – Brian and Aishling

August 19, 2017
Inglenook Winery, Napa

Brian surprised Aishling with an Inglenook Winery proposal in Napa, CA, while they were on vacation from New York City, wanting the picturesque backdrop of the winery to offer something unique for this great occasion.

Brian planned a half day of winery tours at multiple wineries, but this was their second one on their trip. All marriage proposals are unique in their own way, but this one was particularly memorable because Brian gave his phone to a fellow winery patron to record, but the guy was standing two feet away from them, blocking my view. I wanted to focus on Aishling’s face and reaction but unfortunately because of the obstruction, I had to adjust and got a little more of Brian’s. I remember seeing the guy walking alongside them before Brian even got down on his knee so I was thinking, “He’s giving the whole thing away!”. Obviously, Brian told him what was about to happen and when I asked him about it afterwards, he said he “decided to do it at the last minute since the guy was nearby.” Of course, the moment itself is more important than the surprise factor, and when you plan your marriage proposal while on vacation that scores major points towards surprising your girlfriend anyway! πŸ™‚

After taking a few photos outside, we ventured inside to explore the unique interior of Inglenook. It is always fun to discover new places in Napa Valley and so glad Brain chose Inglenook for his marriage proposal!​ Hoping I get to photograph a wedding here in the future! Could it be yours?! πŸ˜€

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