girl laughing during a marriage proposal at pier 7 in san francisco while a guy in a blue suit proposes on his knee

Pier 7 Marriage Proposal – Simon and Courtney

December 2, 2017
Pier 7

The Embarcadero in San Francisco provided the perfect backdrop for Simon’s Christmas time Pier 7 proposal to Courtney. The City’s twinkling evening lights, the Bay Bridge, the Embarcadero, and the Transamerica Building all came together to create a romantic setting for their special moment.

Courtney unsuspectingly thought the location would be dedicated  to shooting content for her style blog, followed by a company holiday party with her sister and friend. Distracted taking pictures by the San Francisco Bay, she didn’t notice that a couple of brass musicians, disguised as street artists, were playing in the distance. When the right moment arose, Simon nervously walked up to Courtney and asked her to dance. To her complete surprise, Courtney kept claiming “I just dropped you off at the airport a few days ago!” as they swayed. Leading her to the center of the Pier, as the smooth trumpet and sax serenaded them in the background, Simon dropped to one knee during “Just the Way You Look Tonight” (by Courtney’s favorite artist Frank Sinatra).  With the romantic man of her dreams kneeling in front of her, Courtney could only help but smile, laugh, and ugly crying face, as she said “YES!”