Lovers Lane Summer San Francisco Marriage Proposal – Thomas and Janice

July 6, 2019
Lovers Lane

Thomas held his marriage proposal to Janice at Lover’s Lane in San Francisco’s Presidio neighborhood, choosing this scenic location because he wanted an outdoor location that focused on nature and fell in love with the view here while researching locations online. Having found a previous blog post that I did at Lover’s Lane, Thomas fell in  love with this location immediately, and loved the photos I took and wanted something exactly like that for his big moment! He also took advantage of our time together by booking me for an hour, which is double the normal amount of time I spend with a Couple for marriage proposals. Thomas opted for an hour package to take advantage of the beautiful day and make it more like an engagement shoot photo session, which I was more than happy to oblige, and fortunately it wasn’t too crowded on this day (although there was another engagement session going on simultaneously as we were shooting!). This day could have not gone any smoother and been more convenient for me because I was able to photograph a baptism right before this marriage proposal at Saint Gregory’s Armenian Church, a seven minute drive away from Lover’s Lane. Typically, marriage proposals are done closer to sunset time which allows for generally more complimentary lighting and romantic oranges, but I was lucky that Thomas chose to propose to Janice shortly after she met her friend for lunch. It was perfectly timed for the daytime, which also allowed me to spend the rest of the day at my friends 60s Madmen themed housewarming party! But I digress… 😀

​It is always entertaining for me to photograph the girl completely surprised. Needless to say, Janice’s response to being proposed to was so great and seeing the shock tears trickling down her face because Thomas caught her completely off guard were the icing on the cake! She was in so much shock that she needed a few minutes to collect herself before we continued on with the engagement session! She was literally shaking! 😀 Catching her off guard with this “unusual timing” proved to be the best scenario for all of us involved, apparently 🙂

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