Cavallo Point Proposal

August 10, 2017
Cavallo Point

Arturo surprised his girlfriend, Keren, with a Cavallo Point proposal while visiting San Francisco while on vacation from Buenos Aires. Wanting to showcase the City, choosing the Golden Gate Bridge in the background for the location was a no brainer for Arturo, and he chose a Cavallo Point proposal with the intention of a scenic location nearby their hotel to make it more of a surprise.

A short walk right outside their hotel, Arturo took Keren by the hand and led her to the center of the grass where he got down on his knee and proposed. Marriage proposals done while on vacation are always a special treat since they seemingly catch everyone by surprise since sometimes the scenic place chosen is the first time visiting for everyone. Arturo preferred the moment to be more casual, wanting to do it before their big dinner plans later that evening and get it out of the way. They were all smiles from start to finish, and it was such an honor that Arturo contacted me to document his intimate moment.

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