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Palace of Fine Arts Proposal

Nathan held his Palace of Fine Arts proposal to Jihye because of its picturesque setting in the evening, but also because it was the perfect stop over after his plans coming from Marin. The Palace of Fine Arts in the evening is pretty dark, and coupled with their black wardrobe it was amusingly difficult distinguishing their figures in the darkness. Fortunately, there happened to be another photographer nearby who was using a big soft box and lit them up just enough to recognize as they walked to the planned location. I recall Nathan asking me a bunch of questions, and me suggesting he keeps it simple because in his nervous and excited state he would probably forget a lot of the details we discussed anyways πŸ™‚ Low and behold, he forgot almost every tip and recommendation I gave him while he was proposing haha! Nevertheless, I was able to capture Jihye’s wonderful reaction during this very shocking moment in both their lives. As you can tell with the photos, she had absolutely no idea and Nathan’s plan seemed to have gone perfectly! Congratulations to Nathan and Jihye and I can’t wait to see how much noise these photos will make on social media as Nathan anticipated πŸ˜€

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