Viader Winery marriage proposal with a guy on his knee wearing a gray shirt and the girl wearing a blue dress with the lake in the background

Viader Winery Proposal

​May 30, 2017
Viader Winery

Jimmy surprised Grace with a Viader Winery proposal while they were on a tasting tour and visiting from New York. Choosing this winery because of the lake view behind the vineyard, Jimmy was very precise in his planning, ensuring the best photo location for the proposal would be the patio overlooking the vineyard, to allow the ability to capture the proposal and scenery without being noticed. Personally, I prefer shooting up close to help commemorate the moment and allow the viewer to feel the emotions captured in the photo. Shooting far away with a long lens, the emotion will be seen, but not felt…but of course I happily follow along to any suggestions presented by the proposer 🙂

Inevitably, I met the two in the vineyard to have a closer look and Grace was so overjoyed with the moment, laughing and smiling the entire time and showing of her beautiful ring. Not to interfere too much with their trip to the winery, we took ten minutes of photos before they continued their private tasting and started their new unofficial life as one.

​Congratulations Jimmy and Grace!

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